Weekly Trading Recap

Stocks Trading Recap

This type of investment signifies ownership in a company. Despite the shrinking list of publicly traded companies, stocks continue to be popular among active traders because of their liquidity, which ensures price fairness and brings high return streams in short-term investments. At the same time, moderate long-term profitability makes a viable choice for a diversified investment portfolio.

Open Time Type Item Volume Opening price Closing price Close time Profit
9:30 am
buy GOOGL 7 lots 1,103.105 1,118.82 02/26/2019
3:30 pm
9:45 am
buy AMZN 10 lots 1,620.00 1638.42 02/26/2019
4:00 pm
9:30 am
sell NFLX 13 lots 370.17 363.08 02/26/2019
9:30 am
9:30 am
sell NVDA 9 lots 164.93 154.35 02/27/2019
11:00 am
9:00 am
sell GOLD.
26 lots 12.845 12.50 02/27/2019
9:00 pm
2:30 pm
sell O:NYSE 27 lots 69.50 68.52 02/27/2019
3:45 pm

Foreign Exchange Recap

Foreign currency exchange markets run 24/7 and forex instruments fit perfectly for short-term day trading as they offer high volatility, large liquidity, low capital requirements, and low transactional costs. However, care should be taken to select an apt currency pair that matches the needs of day trading. Exotic currency pairs should be avoided as they lack the liquidity parameter.

Open Time Type Item Volume Opening price Closing price Close time Profit
3:45 PM
Buy USD/JPY 34 lots 110.46 111.05 02/27/2019
7:45 PM
Total Profit: $2,006

Commodity Trading Recap

This market primarily operates on principles of supply and demand. Basically, a lower supply will most likely result in higher prices, that are driven by uprising demand. High liquidity of assets provides investors with additional support to financial flows and a guarantee of reliable above-the-medium profits.

Open Time Type Item Volume Opening price Closing price Close time Profit
3:45 PM
Sell GLD.CMX 15 lots 1,331.10 1320.00 02/27/2019
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
Buy Copper 24 lots 2.945 2.969 02/27/2019
4:00 PM
10:00 AM
Buy Aluminum 18 lots 1,891.75 1,927.25 02/27/2019
5:00 PM
Total Profit: $47,025


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