New CEO of AF

Greetings on this beautiful day to You, Investors.

We had several significant changes in Fund’s management structure and need to officially share this info with you. On the most recent Absolute Fund Director’s Board Meeting partakers have discussed several important questions regarding Fund’s future direction of growth, development of Absolute Ecosystem, and, moreover, changes in Fund’s management.

As a result, Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Tracy as Absolute Fund’s new Chief Executive Officer. Robert Tracy is an original founder Absolute Fund, a true professional in the world of trading and investments, who has created enough money flow to provide living to over 9000 clients worldwide.

In 2017 he gave his place to Jason Oliver to become Financial Director, but the time and vector of development Fund chose needs a hand of original leader. Absolute Fund is grateful for Jason’s contribution to our mission. He will continue working at Absolute in the position of Executive Financial Director.

Thank you for staying with us. Stay in contact to get the latest news about Company’s activity.