Company (3)

Under what jurisdiction does company acquire licensing and operates?

Our company was registered in United Kingdom and Wales according to local laws. To provide reliable operations for our clients around the world, we have established offices in New York and London. For additional information on legal aspects, follow the link on our website.

How do you manage risks effectively?

It’s a labor-consuming process, besides, no company will give out their secrets right away. What we can say is that our highly skilled managers utilize our premier technology to analyze variable factors and deliver the best outcome.

What is “risk management”?

There’s a certain amount of risk in every investment. Risk management is what we do to ensure that an unsuccessful investment is covered by a more profitable one to sustain the level of returns.

Investments (20)

Can I register without following an upline’s referral link?

Due to our intentions on rewards for company promotion, it’s only possible to register through a referral link. If you happen to visit our website via direct link, email us at: [email protected] with a request for a registration link.

What are the policies for withdrawals, considering amount and commissions?

Due to unique structure of our ConcreteBlock® system, minimal amount to withdraw is 40$. Also, every withdrawal is a subject for commission $5. 

What are the terms on withdrawal processing?

Withdrawal requests are processed within 5 working days. And withdrawal available only on Wednesday and Friday (-5 GMT)

Can I merge funds with other people to deposit using single account?

Yes, you can buy a joint package. While receiving payoffs to a single account, you’ll be able to manually distribute your income.

Can I stop the deposit plan operation before the expiration date to withdraw the principal?

Your deposit principal is an investment itself that features actually purchased assets. At this point, deposit principal is not a subject for withdrawal and will not be returned.

How many deposit plans can I purchase?

We don’t limit our investors in amount of deposits purchased.

What is the validity period of your deposit plan?

Validity period for Unified Plan is 150 business days starting at activation date.

When are deposit payoffs processed?

Payoffs are made every business day starting from the date of activation.

I have requested a withdrawal, but didn’t get my funds yet.

Usually withdrawals are processed within 5 working days.
Check the status of your request in the “Transactions History” section in profile. If you experience any difficulties, contact us at: [email protected], describing the situation, don’t forget to include your username.

I have replenished account, but my personal balance shows no changes.

Funds appear on the personal balance after your request has passed through our blockchain verification system ConcreteBlock®.

What is the lower/upper limit on funds to replenish balance and pay deposit?

Lower limit to replenish is $30. Upper limit is $20,000.

Which payment methods can I use to add funds to my account?

Currently, balance can be replenished with: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, USDT, Perfect Money.

How do I replenish my personal balance?

In “Replenish Balance” section:

  1. Select the payment method you’ve used to send money.
  2. Enter amount and transaction number.
  3. Confirm replenishment request.
Can one person have several accounts?

Multiregistration is forbidden and will not be tolerated. If possession of multiple accounts by one person is detected, all will be blocked with no ability to withdraw or return funds.  

Do you share my info with third parties?

We guarantee non-disclosure of every user and their info. All data is stored encrypted in confidential purposes.

I’ve found a bug in your system!

We’ll strongly appreciate if you inform us about any “bugs” via company’s email

Can I change my email or password after the registration?

Credentials can be changed any time in the “Profile” section of your personal account.

I’m unable to register.

Only latin symbols and valid email are accepted by the system when registering. Check your input to be correct.

I’m unable to reset password.

In order to reset your password, enter the email address which you used for registration. Check your inbox. Follow the instructions in the email. When resetting your password, make sure you enter correct email address. If you haven’t received an email with instructions, check your SPAM and DELETED folder.

I’m unable to sign in to my personal account.

If it’s impossible to get to your account, make sure that you’re currently on Absolute Fund’s login page, also make sure your info is correct. In case you’re still unable to sign in, try to reset your password.